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Friday, July 30, 2010

Wounded Warriors Needs...

We wounded warriors have a unique combination of injuries, requiring holistic care, which addresses every aspect of our life, to include emotional, intellectual, medical, physical, recreational, social, spiritual, and vocational. An individualized, patient-centered set of supports must be identified, coordinated, and constantly monitored for suitability across the continuum, to satisfy each of these
needs in a comprehensive and timely manner. Traditional medical and rehabilitative services  need to be combined with resources outside the classic medical model, provided in the settings we deem most appropriate, to include in-home, community-based care, and home-like residential options
that cannot be achieved in a hospital or nursing home. We wounded warriors should be involved in decisions about our own lives to whatever degree possible, allowed to choose where we live, what we do with their time, how our needs are met, and who is a part of our life. We have paid a high price,
and if it is not possible to restore us to full independence due to the injuries we sustained in service to our country, we should be given the tools to live as normal a life as possible, and integrate into our communities to the fullest extent we are capable.

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