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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Determine Your Level Of Spiritual Freedom

12 Ways to Determine Your Level of Spiritual Freedom

1. You step over setbacks without stopping or looking back.
2. You don't think about your sex life.
3. You accept and appreciate praise, but never take it to heart.
4. You meet and do what's true without fear of the consequences.
5. You start spending more time alone and enjoying it more.
6. You stop dreaming of the perfect vacation.
7. You don't blame anyone else for the way you feel.
8. You see beauty in life where you never could see it before.
9. Your life gets progressively simpler.
10. You can take criticism without cringing away from the truth that it may hold.
11. You say what you want, and not what you think others may want to hear you say.
12. You can't come up with one good reason why you should ever be anxious or frightened.

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