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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Remembrance Technique

this technique is an old Buddhist trick for tapping into the problem solving power of your brain. It is used to overcome the feeling of hopelessness that can immobilize a person when facing a difficult situation. I like to use it to solve difficult problems that I encounter from day to day. The idea is that when you are trying to decide what to do to solve a problem, you tell yourself to remember the solution. You might say to yourself "Remember! How did I solve this problem?" This essentially tells your brain that there is a solution, and that the answer is somewhere in there. The brain responds to this assumption by searching for "the" solution. Our brains are always more powerful than we realize - we just need little "tricks" like this to get beyond our self-imposed limitations. Try this technique several times a week in order for it to work more naturally.

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