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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Daddy's Little Girl

#1 Read to her and with her.

#2 Take her on a "Daddy Date Night," i.e., going to her favorite restaurant.

#3 Join her school's parent association.

#4 Send her flowers or balloons when you are out of town.

#5 Teach her to count to ten in a foreign language.

#6 Pack her a special lunch and put a note in it.

#7 Play board games that require thinking, not just chance.

#8 Learn the names of her best friends.

#9 Have her help you frame a picture of her for you to take to your office.

#10 Surprise her by picking her up from school and taking her out for ice cream!

#11 Order pencils or purchase some other fun item with her name on them.

#12 Work together to memorize a poem.

#13 Review her spelling words over the phone when you are out of town.

#14 Give her her own subscription to her favorite magazine.

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