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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

They call this "Procurement"

The US Defense Acquisition University (DAU) defines procurement as the act of buying goods and services for the government.

Become an AbilityOne Employee

The AbilityOne Program provides a wide range of employment opportunities for people who are blind or who have other severe disabilities with nonprofit agencies and community rehabilitation programs across the country. AbilityOne jobs are the choice of many people who have severe disabilities, and may be facility- or community-based. Most people with severe disabilities are referred to AbilityOne-participating nonprofit agencies by their State vocational rehabilitation counselors, others are self-referred.

The AbilityOne definition of "blind" is "central visual acuity which does not exceed 20/200 in the better eye with correcting lenses or visual acuity, if better than 20/200, is accompanied by a limit to the field of vision in the better eye to such a degree that its widest diameter subtends an angle no greater than 20 degrees."

The AbilityOne definition of "severe disability" is a severe physical or mental impairment (a residual, limiting condition resulting from an injury, disease, or congenital defect) that so limits the person's functional capabilities (mobility, communication, interpersonal skills, self-care, self-direction, work tolerance or work skills) that the individual is unable to engage in normal competitive employment over an extended period of time.

If you have a severe disability, or know someone who does, you are encouraged contact either NIB or NISH for more information on AbilityOne-participating nonprofit agencies in your area.

For more information about the AbilityOne Program and/or becoming an authorized AbilityOne distributor, please contact Eric Beale at (703) 603-2119 or by e-mail at

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