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Saturday, May 22, 2010

National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) Tools Project

Project Overview: In support of the Department of Homeland Security Office of the Chief Information Officer's Enterprise Data Management Office, the Science and Technology Directorate Command, Control and Interoperability Division (CID) is funding the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) Tool Analysis Project. This project examines the range of tools used to develop NIEM-compliant Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD). IEPD is a specification for data exchange and is an important foundation for information sharing. This project's assessment of NIEM tools determined how well existing tools support practitioners in the NIEM IEPD development process. It also evaluated practitioner tool usage and highlighted experiences during IEPD development. The final document provides a qualitative assessment of the tools used by practitioners, issues with the current tools, and recommended improvements. This project is part of the Knowledge Management Tools program area of CID.

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