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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mission-Based Analysis of Departmental Suspicious Activities Reporting (SAR) Pilot

Project Overview: The Science and Technology Directorate Command, Control and Interoperability Division's (CID) Mission-Based Analysis of Departmental Suspicious Activities Reporting (SAR) pilot is examining the data environment and capabilities of current and planned SAR analytics. The pilot will conduct this assessment using a common analytic framework that relates mission requirements to current and planned enterprise capacity, policies, and training. This project provides a user-driven approach for optimizing integration and collaboration of SAR data within and across selected intelligence and law enforcement entities. This initiative will evolve as the SAR concept of operations develops to ensure that recommendations align with current and planned operational procedures. Through a collaborative effort of seven Department of Homeland Security components and CID, a key set of user-specified capabilities will be developed into a working prototype. This prototype will then leverage SAR data from each of the participating components. This project is part of the Knowledge Management Tools program area of CID.

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