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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Computer-Aided Dispatch Interoperability Project (CADIP)

Program Manager: Denis Gusty

Project Overview: The Science and Technology Directorate Command, Control and Interoperability Division’s (CID) Computer-Aided Dispatch Interoperability Project (CADIP) coordinated with emergency response agencies in Silicon Valley, California; Portland, Oregon; Phoenix-Mesa, Arizona; and the National Capital Region to identify the benefits of seamlessly and securely sharing information between disparate computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems. To help local and state agencies across the nation determine their future path toward CAD interoperability, CADIP researched various approaches to link CAD systems. CADIP encourages other jurisdictions to link their CAD systems via standards-based solutions. The project resulted in the creation of the CADIP Business Case—a video that provides decision makers with a value proposition for the importance of CAD interoperability. CADIP also published the Computer-Aided Dispatch Interoperability Project Documentation of Regional Efforts—a case study of the three regions studied and how they implemented CAD interoperability projects. This project is part of the Office for Interoperability and Compatibility within CID.

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