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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Unique Career Opportunities

Career OpportunitiesLooking for a position in human services? Need a qualified candidate for an opening in your organization?

ANCOR provides the "Career Opportunities" page as a free service to private providers and individuals who could use some help in finding each other.

Postings will remain for 60 days. Please let us know if the position is filled or employment is obtained prior to that deadline.

PLEASE NOTE: ANCOR offers this forum purely as an informational resource. We do not endorse any posting for employment availability or any candidate. ANCOR reserves the right to edit or abreviate any postings submitted.

Please contact Marsha Patrick should you wish to post a position or have any questions. Posting is free to ANCOR members and $500.00 to non-members (ANCOR reserves the right to edit career listings as necessary).

Associate Director - Oregon

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Horizon Associate Director

Milton Freewater, OR

Horizon Project Inc. is seeking applicants for a new full-time Associate Director position. Horizon is an Oregon non-profit organization that provides comprehensive community services to adults with developmental disabilities in Milton-Freewater, Pendleton and Hermiston. We value individualized, person-centered services and are looking for the right person to assure that all Horizon services match these values. The Associate Director will be responsible for managing both employment and residential services and for managing quality assurance/improvement systems.


$55K-65K+benefits. Reports to CEO and will work in Milton Freewater, located in the beautiful Walla Walla Valley.

E-mail for an application, or 1-800-632-5185 to request an application by mail. Open until filled.

Tina Allington []

Residential Program Director - Ohio

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunshine, Inc. Residential and Support Services

Maumee, OH

Sunshine Inc. Residential and Support Services, a non-profit organization with strong values honoring the human spirit, is looking for an experienced Director to provide strong leadership and creative solutions for individuals with developmental disabilities. This position would oversee a 76 bed ICF/MR, 15 family care homes, a large supported living program, an adult foster program and nursing services. Reports to the Executive Director and would be responsible for an overall budget of $20M+.


Must have at least 5 years executive level leadership experience, extensive experience with individuals with developmental disabilities. Master’s degree in a relevant field strongly preferred. Excellent communication, organizational & project management skills needed. Salary history/requirements essential for consideration.

Please send resume and salary information to:

Sunshine, Inc.

ATTN: HR Manager

7223 Maumee-Western Rd.

Maumee, OH 43537

Or e-mail, or FAX us at (419) 724-0550. For more information on our agency, visit our website at EOE

Program Director - Oregon

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pearl Buck Preschool

Eugene, OR


Pearl Buck Preschool

Job Relationships

• Supervised by: Executive Director

• Supervises Directly: Preschool Teachers, Case Coordinator, Cook/Aide, Parent Mentor, Receptionist

• Supervises Indirectly: Preschool Aides

Work Location

3690 W. 1st Ave., Eugene, OR 97402

Position Summary

The PBC-based Pearl Buck Preschool Program Director is an executive level position subordinate to the Executive Director, and whose function is to supervise and manage all components of the Pearl Buck Preschool operated at the Pearl Buck Center building.

Duties and Responsibilities

A. Administrative Support

1.Coordinate the development and implementation of procedures to meet and maintain licensing with Oregon Child Care Division and Oregon Program Quality.

2.Participate in the development and on-going monitoring and evaluating of the Pearl Buck Preschool.

3.Ensure the provision of direct services to infants, children attending the preschool, their parents, and other adults with cognitive limitations receiving case management services

4.Negotiate and monitor all contracts and contract amendments, including but not limited to: United Way, Human Service Commission, Head Start, FEMA, Department of Human Services, Ridesource, and Early Childhood Coordination.

5.Act as program resource in writing, editing, and reviewing grants.

6.Participate in standing or ad hoc committees.

7.Consult with outside resources on new programs under development.

8.Attend regular staff meetings and document their content.

9.Develop, monitor, and review program budget.

10.Develop, organize and facilitate training for staff.

11.Coordinate student transportation services.

12.Supervise health and safety of staff, children and their parents, clients, volunteers and others.

13.Reviews Confidential Income Statement (CIS) and determine eligibility status for USDA/CACFP.

14.Reviews menus and attendance sheets on a monthly basis.

15.Oversee the recruitment, orientation, training and recognition of volunteers.

16.Other duties as assigned.

B. Management/Collaboration

1.Supervise the maintenance and retention of all files and monitor reports.

2.Coordinate all services to program participants.

3.Coordinate and collaborate with all community partners.

4.Attend, facilitate, and participate in appropriate internal and external meetings, such as Early Childhood Planning team.

5.Act and serve as a resource to all staff.

6.Ensure adequate follow-along services for students exiting the program.

7.Assist in the coordination of all functions pertaining to referrals, intake, transfer, etc. of students.

8.Identify and secure supplemental personnel/services if and when necessary.

9.Ensure proper implementation of USDA/CACFP rules, regulations and guidelines.

C. Supervision

1.Recruit, hire, orient, supervise, provide training and support to staff.

2.Evaluate staff and develop training/performance goals.

3.Recruit, orient, place and nurture volunteers for the preschool program.

D. Direct Service

1.Provide back up for staff as necessary.


A. Education and Experience

1.Bachelor’s Degree in early childhood education, Oregon Registry Certificate of Step 9 or above or related field.

2.Two years progressive experience in supervision/management;

3.Two years experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities.

B. Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Licenses

1.Demonstrated organizational ability.

2.Working knowledge of behavior management principles.

3.Working knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices.

4.Working knowledge of data collection, analysis, and report writing.

5.Skills in problem solving, crisis intervention.

6.Knowledge of Child Care Division Administrative Rules.

7.Ability to work with and supervise people.

8.Ability to advocate for needs of clients/students.

9.Ability to train staff in various job duties and procedures.

10.Ability to do planning and program development.

11.Ability to interview others.

12.Know and understand USDA/CACFP procedures and guidelines.

13.Knowledge of Oregon Program Quality guidelines.

Job Contacts

• Daily contact with parents and preschoolers. Develop rapport, assist and direct daily.

• Daily contact with program staff and frequent contact with other staff of PBC.

• Regular contact with Community Partners

• Work closely with Pearl Buck Senior Management Team

• Board of Directors

Working Conditions

A. Environment and Hazards

1.Pearl Buck Center

2.Meetings other community offices

3.Student/client residences

4.Potentially violent or aggressive clients

B. Physical and Mental Effort

1.Driving to various locations

2.Dealing with clients, students/families in distress or crisis

3.Paperwork to meet requirements of standards

4.Meeting timelines

5.Seeking resources

6.Being on-call for potential problems

Executive Director - Florida

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Ann Storck Center

Ft. Lauderdale, FL


The Ann Storck Center is a nationally accredited, highly acclaimed 501 (c) (3) non-profit human service organization serving the needs of children and adults in South Florida who present severe and multiple developmental disabilities including Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, and Mental Retardation. The Center strives to discover and build upon the uniqueness and strengths of each person it serves in order to provide life-enriching experiences.

Organization Overview

The Ann Storck Center offers Residential, Preschool and Adult Day Training services to adults and children. Life-enriching opportunities include the Expressive Arts, recreational services, and annual events and celebrations.

Based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the Ann Storck Center (the Center) has an annual operating budget of $14,000,000, 350 employees, and serves over 300 individuals in residential, educational and community based settings. More information about the Center can be found at

Current Circumstances

The reputation and performance of the Ann Storck Center is a source of pride and celebration. Over the years, it has benefited hundreds of men, women and children, and their families and friends. The Center is a strong and vibrant community, and an important part of the larger community of Ft. Lauderdale. It is a respected advocacy, service and educational organization.

Outgoing Executive Director James McGuire has served in this position for 28 years. He is leaving because he seeks new challenges. He has been an extraordinarily effective and strong chief executive.

In preparing to recruit a new Executive Director, the Board has come to recognize that it has had an near-ideal model of organizational leadership, based on the effective partnership of this strong chief executive and a strong and accomplished Board Chair who has served in his role for nearly all of Mr. McGuire’s tenure. The Board and organization as a whole has supported and benefited from their collaboration. It has allowed the rest of the Board to focus on fund raising and general support, and to respond to the strategic agenda materially shaped by the Executive Director and Board Chair.

The success of this partnership, and the prospect of a change in the key players, has led the Board to carefully reflect on what comes next. Fundamentally, the Board recognizes that a new partnership will not just result from hiring the next Executive Director. Rather it will be necessary to identify the key elements that made such a relationship work and adapt those elements to the style and strategy of a new chief executive.

We intend for an open and candid exploration of these elements to be an integral part of this search. We will invite prospective candidates to share their views and expectations of the Board, and the Board will be open about its views and expectations in turn.

This is a good and caring Board. Its members have been alert to supporting the organization and are committed to its fund raising mission, and they are ready to adapt to and support the next generation of leadership of the organization.

The Board is also open to a review of its role and obligations, including the potential addition of new members with needed skills and resources, reshaping the Board/Chief Executive partnership to maximize the impact of the new Executive Director, and shaping a clear mandate and broad executive authority for that person. We expect the new Executive Director to have significant input to the board development agenda. Our goal is to again have a powerful and respected chief executive, enjoying a strong partnership with the Board, in order to continue the great work and visible leadership of this organization.

The organization is in solid shape. There is a strong and capable staff, a caring and supportive culture, and a rich institutional base of knowledge the new chief executive will be able to tap. As chief executive, Mr. McGuire provided strong organizational leadership through a team of deputies, and was a highly visible member of the community, key fundraiser, and a visible advocate and policy advisor locally and statewide. Our ambition is that the next Executive Director will assess and adapt the organization to his or her style of leadership, but will continue to assure high performance standards, the culture of caring and collegiality, and the visible advocacy, policy and fund raising leadership necessary to advance this organization.

While the organization is strong and ready to align behind a new leader, there are many challenges. Funding from public and private sources is chronically stressed, and effective fund raising is a must in order to achieve a balanced budget. It is critical that the Board, Executive Director, staff and volunteers operate as a highly effective team in order to maintain what has historically been a top performing enterprise.

The successful candidate must have the following qualification: 1/ at least 5 years in successful nonprofit leadership positions as an Executive Director, senior manager, or other significant leadership position; 2/ an understanding of and sensitivity for the issues impacting upon Florida’s most vulnerable citizens, especially those with severe and profound developmental disabilities and those who are multiply disabled as well as medically fragile; 3/ the proven ability to plan, execute and evaluate large projects and special events; 4/ the proven ability in nonprofit fundraising from corporations, foundations, individuals, and special events; 5/ experience in organizational planning; 6/ excellent written, verbal and presentation skills; 7/ demonstrated leadership abilities and a value system compatible with the mission of the Ann Storck Center.


The Ann Storck Center is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. All candidates will be evaluated on a merit basis.

Resumes and a cover letter may be submitted, in confidence, to:

Ford Webb Associates, Inc

60 Thoreau Street

Concord, MA 01742


Senior Program Manager - Ohio

Friday, February 12, 2010

Human Service Connections


Multi-state, mid-sized provider is looking for a Senior Program Manager to head up their residential and case management services for people with developmental disabilities in Ohio.


Ideal candidate will have at least a bachelor's degree in a social service field and five years supervisory experience in programs that support people with developmental disabilities

To apply for this or any of our other nationwide opportunities in the developmental disability field, please visit

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