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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Check out these Grants at Grants.Gov

Business and Industry Programs 10.768 Business/Commerce

Rural Business Enterprise Grants 10.769

Rural Business Opportunity Grants 10.773 Business/Commerce

Commercial Services 11.108 Business/Commerce

Trade Development Grants 11.110 Business/Commerce

Minority Business Development 11.800 Business/Commerce

Manufacturing Extension Grants 11.611 Business/Commerce
Employment opportunities for Lower

Income Businesses 14.412 Business/Commerce Procurement Assistance to Small

Businesses 59.009 Business/Commerce

Small Business Investment Comp. 59.011 Business/commerce

Women's Business Ownership 59.043 Business /Commerce

Veteran's Entrepreneurial Training 59.044  business /Commerce

Small Disadvantaged Businesses 59.049 Business/Commerce

Minority Business Enterprises 81.082 Business/Commerce

Rural Business Opportunity Grant 10.769 Economic Development

Minority Business Development 11.800 Economic Development

Minority Business Development 11.802 Minority Business Enterprises

Support for Disadvantaged Businesses 20.903 Minority Business Enterprises Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

Program-Short term 20.905 Minority Business Enterprises

Management and Technical Assistance for Minority Business Enterprises 81.802 Minority Business Enterprises

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