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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Business Plans and Where to Start

"In its most general sense, business planning is all about taking your dream and turning it into reality. A business plan is the document you create when you take an idea for a commercial endeavor and work through all the factors that will have an impact on the successful startup, operation, and management of the business. Smart entrepreneurs plan, not because accountants or business advisors tell them to, but because they understand that it increases their chances for success. Sure, there are successful businesses whose owners fly by the seat of their pants and never create a written plan. But they succeeded despite the lack of a formal plan, not because of it. How much better might they have done had their good ideas been coupled with some solid planning?" CCH Business Owners Toolkit

Online Resources

The Abilities Fund - Business Planning Resources

CCH Business Planner's Toolkit

Small Business Administration (SBA)/The Business Plan - Road Map to Success

Small Business Lending Corporation

Small Business Plan Guide

Sample Business Plans

You Belong in Connecticut - Department of Economic and Community Development Sample Business Plans

Montana Community Development Corporation/MCDC Online Business Success Kit

SBA - Sample Business Plans



Business Planning Freeware

Quicken Small Business Center

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